Using Reflection of the Past for Success in the Future

Every month brings us a gift of reflection – the ability to step back and look at the choices we’ve made in the past in order to prepare for the future. Sometimes, when looking back, we get caught with feelings of melancholy or feel a distaste for mistakes that haven’t been resolved. Sometimes the past makes us feel hopeful and joyous, even excited. We then armor ourselves with knowledge gained from past experiences and try to face our journey head on. However, life has a funny way of throwing unwanted and tedious obstacles in our path. There may be bill we have to pay in lieu of buying a new pair of shoes; or a broken faucet that could flood the room and therefore we sacrifice what could have been a satisfying afternoon.  Before we can get to the gold, one has to dig miles and miles of Earth, through sweat and tears, until finally our reward is within reach.

  • Keep a journal

Sounds easy enough. Although the problem that many people face when keeping a journal is consistency. At the start of my journey I would write down everything that was going on, every thought that entered my mind, every triumph and downfall I faced. At the most, that enthusiasm lasted about a week, maybe two if I put in the effort.  Keeping a journal helps to clear the noise that our minds create and allows us to truly understand what we are feeling at a given moment. Writing in a journal can also help to identify what parts of us need a little more love and some reconstructing.

  • Have a friend

Friends are a great tool for reminding ourselves who we are and what we like. If we are close enough with our friends, they should know all the grimy details about what ticks us off and how difficult it can be to for us to try new things. Likewise friends are bluntly honest about how we act in a given situation and are able to perceive our actions and give feedback. Keep a friend around to give that honest, outsider review that puts us back on track and gives a little reminder

  • Write a reflective affirmation

What feelings did you express last month? Were the feelings positive, uplifting, and progressive or were the negative, hurtful, and degrading. What caused those responses and why did the responses occur? If the feelings and responses were mostly negative, write down a positive affirmation as a combative response. For example, if you had a did poorly on a test or received a negative review on your service, write down words that will help to achieve your goals or give an upwards boost to your esteem. Try “today will be a wonderful day”, “New opportunities will find me today”, or  “I am worthy of greatness“. Repeat your affirmations a few times a day and eventually words will turn into actions.

  • Forgive yourself

This is the most difficult step. There is a process to forgiveness. We as people are nowhere close to perfect and there is no reason to be. Constantly we strive to have It will take time before we can acknowledge that there was a mistake and that there could have been a better way to fix it. The best remedy for getting over this guilt trip is to acknowledge the issue, accept the result, and release the quilt. Rarely do we make the same mistake twice and in the exact manner. Forgiveness from others is easy but allowing yourself freedom from self ridicule will be a challenge. will follow and it will take time; but always remember that life is a giver of second chances. There will always be a time to remedy a situation for a better outcome.



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