Real Life Fern Gully

One of the beautiful things about nature is that we get to watch it grow. Memories created from a tiny seedling sprout alongside us with age and eventually turn into a historic landmark inside our hearts. We grew up around lush trees, long grasses, and vivid seas of flowers. The wind breathes swiftly through the veins of sunlight leaves as the early morning fog creeps unto our ankles. It’s refreshing – alive even.

One of the unfortunate things about nature is the fragility of its strength – which in essence shouldn’t be taken lightly in the first place. The world is a caretaker to many creatures and there is an invisible balance constructed between us and the soil beneath our feet. Today is the day for awareness but we should take the time to fully utilize today’s resources and give back whenever we can.

There are a few things that everyone can do in order to lessen their footprint and decrease influence on the environment. Recycling is a good and easy place to start. Check the sides of water bottles, the bottom of cardboard boxes, and untainted packaging. See what recycling options are available in your area and even earn some money from it in the process.

A hobby that I implemented this summer is gardening and traveling to the farmers market. For me, these two acts go hand in hand. One, I love the taste of farm fresh foods and it encourages my family, my partner, and myself to eat healthier and make better lifestyle choices. Maybe it’s the entire experience of grabbing a hemp bag and stuffing it to the brim with fruits, vegetables, and cacti plant that makes me want to live better. In any sense it’s a good habit to make.

Another practice to implement would be to hug a tree. Yes I honestly, mean for you to go outside and hug a giant plant. The ultimate tribute to the tree hugger movement. There is some actual science to back me up though. Hugging a tree can improve your mood and boost your immune system while keeping you connected (literally) to the Earth. In fact, instead of reading this article, let’s go outside, unplug the electronics, put our phones away, and connect with each other on the greatest gift we have received. This planet.

Happy World Environment Day!pexels-photo-128981


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