Creating Habits for a Better Morning

Today, I would like to appreciate the following: For the breath of fresh air I was given – thank you. For the morning sun and night sky to guide my days –thank you. For the breath of life that was given today for me to start anew – thank you.

~                                           ~                                                ~                                              ~

Today I awoke to the sounds of a rustling bag. My partner was one their way to work for the day and it was the first time in a while that I had awaken on time to say goodbye and give them a hug. There was a time when rising with the sun gave me energy, alertness, and a sense of purpose. There was something to look forward to knowing that the day was open to endless possibilities for me. However lately, I have started sleeping in and missing those precious moments of seeing someone off in the morning. That is why today I am grateful for the early morning rise.

Before I began to live with someone, I promised myself to live by a routine – one that catered to the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health of this body. It was a routine of habits that to this day still show signs of its effectiveness in my life. To embrace in this gratuitous moment I would like to share some of the habits learned with you. Please remember that each habit is to be taken in strides. Each person has a different journey to fulfill.


Habit 1. Listen to the rhythm of the body

Our bodies are wonderful mechanisms! They tell us everything we need to know about how to take care of ourselves. Listen to it. What does it say when you are tired, hungry, or energized? What actions do your body want to task for that day? Follow your instinct. It is merely our body’s way of saying what it needs and desires. Provide for your body the appropriate nutrients throughout the day and the time it needs to settle and recharge.

Habit 2. Preform daily affirmations and meditations

Everyone has something to grateful for and reminding ourselves of that gratefulness further leads us to having a more insightful and joyous day. Reminding ourselves also of our own greatness and thankfulness for being changes our perspective. I am a firm believer that a day can go one of two ways if only we change our outlook on the situations that come forth.  In meditation, well, lighting a stick of incense and listening to the sound of singing bowls is a great way to start the morning. However, we are all different and mediation reaches out to us in distinct ways. What fills you up will happiness, joy, and the prospect of a more fulfilled you? That is your meditation.

Habit 3. Become grateful. Become conscious.

Congratulations! You have either completed your day or beginning a new one –which means you have another chance to enhance your life for the greater. Most days will not be easy ones unless we make the conscious effort to see life in a new light. And with each action is the idea of intent. What are your intentions for the day? What steps can you take to attract the people, work, or activities into your morning? Think about those things that you want and claim them into existence.

“Today I will encounter…”

It really is up to you.

I thank you for reading and sharing with me in this moment of gratefulness 🙂



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