5 Steps to Get into a New Routine

Today I thought about what my life would be like if things were different. What if I hadn’t end up in my current financial state, what if I was better at school work, what if I could get a stable job, what if I wasn’t who I am  – you know, the common “what ifs” life throws at us through passing stages. I thought about the “what ifs”…mulled them over and over and over until finally, I thought, “WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING?” – the answer was nothing apparently. “THEN GO DO SOMETHING!”

I think it’s quite obvious when we make promises to ourselves (or others) and we don’t follow through. There’s a nudge in the bottom of our stomach saying “Hey! Didn’t you forget something?” We acknowledge it but maybe put it off until  we’re done watching a video. Now it’s been a few hours and you look at the time saying “Wait..wasn’t I supposed to do something?” Yeah well I am pretty sure we have all had those experiences one day or another. So know let’s talk about how to get into the routine of doing and knowing!

~                                            ~                                                       ~                                                   ~

Know yourself.

Now you’re going to need a journal for this step or at least something reliable to record on. What are your habits? Really take some time to notice what is that you do every morning, evening, and night. Take notes on the activities you participate in, the foods you eat, the people that spend the most time with you. Take note of how that makes you feel in those moments. Are you being present in the mind or being stuck in past memories or regrets. Now on this same list, write down how all these things events, people, and so on make you feel. Do you feel energized? Sluggish? Indifferent? Maybe you rather sit on the couch all day because you feel nothing about the day at all.

Write it all down. Don’t discriminate and write down everything you are feeling for a week or two. Come back and finish your journal with these next steps.

Know Who You Want To Be.

Who are you? You are you of course. But are you the greatest version of yourself that you can be. We all dream of ourselves living grander, living with more, living differently..but very few of us are actually doing it. And the people who are living there dream sometimes stumble and revert back to old habits – the old comforts. So if you are a person who is in a constant state of dreaming and wanting and wishing then I will say this.


That’s it. Guess what I have a job now and I realize that not everyone can quit their job and focus on their dreams. Not everyone can pack their bags, get in a car, and travel  halfway across the world – unless they really want it. Some of you reading this may have families, pets, friends, people that you take care of and don’t want to leave behind. That’s understandable. Just know, that you are not leaving anyone behind if you are taking care of yourself and nourishing your dreams and becoming the highest version of yourself. You know who you are, how you have lived, and what you want to change. Make the changes simple. Make the changes everyday victories and you will achieve lasting results. You have the change the perception in which you think “I need to have the biggest outcome of my dreams no; but I can’t do it if”

You can do anything. You are worthy of that.

Set Reminders.

The first few days may the easiest part of this journey but just like anyone trying a new diet or workout routine, you gotta stick with it. Do you want to wake up feeling refreshed and renewed – then don’t just set the alarm to wake up early. You have to prep beforehand in order to get successful results. Instead make the reminder to go to bed early as well. Yes you’re an adult and yes, you have the ability to make your own choices “But I have to finish this rerun episode of Friends! I’ll never find out if….”

And that’s where most of us stumble. Most of us make exceptions to set ourselves back for a little bit of comfort. Which isn’t always bad. In the start of creating a new routine however, it will become easier to stumble and fall back on wanting to not do anything and then you have to force the effort in order to produce the result. To combat this is to wake up every morning with the intention that task A will be done no matter what. Make it enjoyable. Know that when you get this done, you will feel so much better not having it dance around your thoughts.

What about diet and wanting to eat better. Oh I’ll do that tomorrow. I want steak and fries right now. Sounds good, but let’s add some green to it. Some fresh and nutritiously active foods. How do you make this enjoyable? Make it a side dish or switch it out in place of fries. Try not to over indulge because the eyes are bigger than the stomach and sometimes we want what we can’t finish. It’s all up to you.

Find a Support Network.

Now not everyone has somebody who can be there to give a pep talk or a cheer now and then. Sometimes you have to venture outside of your circle and create a network. If you wanted to become healthier for example, eat better and live longer, then talk to a nutritionist. Read up on the types of diets or lifestyles that you want to focus on and find what works for your body. Maybe you wanted to run more so you go online and find a forum for runners in your area. You join the group and notice that they have weekly runs in the park every Thursday and Saturday. Now, what if you want to change yourself completely. That requires most of the support from yourself. You are your greatest advocate and your worst critic. You alone determine how well your new routine is going to stick and last for the long haul.

  • Always remember to take things slow. It is never wise to put too much  food on your plate only to realize that you can’t finish it all and then it becomes garbage. Don’t become discouraged by this. Take one bite, one step, one habit at a time. Make the continual effort to remind yourself to complete this one thing everyday. Once you have mastered that you are ready for the next step.

Knowing Your Worth.

This step is holds so much importance. Not just in creating a new routine but in creating the life that you want to live. Know that whatever bad habits, past regrets, mistakes, and old experiences are not who you are. What you do now, how you perceive yourself and others in this present moment is what matters. Your experiences may have had influence on how you have lived your life but ultimately they are life events that swirl through you – that come into contact with you. The choices we make are based on the reflection of how we treat ourselves. So do you hang around people who don’t think highly of themselves or others – people who just want to waste time and energy on hate or sadness. Are they consciously doing that? Because if they are then oh boy..  Is it subconscious? Still need to get you out of there.

Surround yourself with people who will bring you up, support you and remind you of all the good things that you are doing for yourself. If you are constantly surrounded by people going for the same goal as you, providing a level of support, being able to sustain high levels of dopamine then you have found your tribe. You’ll feel the kick to become greater, to last longer, and really focus on the tasks at hand. There is one other person who can help you on this journey and they are better than any therapist, coach, nutritionist, support group, your parents who ever!

That person is you.

I remember wanting to do more yoga and eat better and really wanted to focus on my mental health. I was living with a roommate who was completely opposite from how I lived, what interested me, and goals I wanted to meet. She had friends who were into fitness and also into parties so I got to know them and we hung out a few times. But the person who really kicked my butt and showed me who to live thee life I wanted was myself. In retrospect, though I was surrounded by others who could help me, they ultimately were not going to be the people taking on my journey. So understand that you are what is going to make sure that your goals, routine, habits, etc. are going to flourish and aid you in becoming greater. Say this, I AM WORTHY OF GREATNESS, OF GOOD HEALTH, AND ABUNDANCE EVERYDAY. Because you are. We are worthy and deserving of becoming our best selves.



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