Meet the Creator

  Welcome Everyone!

My name is Adreena Carr, creator of Cardinal Cultures. This is a blog site dedicated on minimalism, self discovery, and creating the life you want. Yes, there are many blogs out here that want to teach you all about minimalism and what it has done for them. Or maybe you're interested in finding your path in life.

So what makes this blog different from the rest? Cardinal Cultures is a lifestyle, a digital journal of what is happening right now to the writer and the reader. It isn't a singular path that only shows you one way of how to live. In fact this blog aims to open your eyes to the multiple avenues life takes us and how to navigate them. Plus you're getting a fresh take on life from a college graduate who still goes through numerous emotional breakdowns a week. All I hope for is that this blog helps some of us still going through the rough patches and maybe even brings us out of them.

I'm so glad you came to visit 🙂